steps for an impeccable job
Fast and easy to use

The Magic Screed leveling device allows a single operator to complete a job in a few minutes.
This results in significant labor and time savings while increasing productivity.



Using rakes, simply spread
the concrete as
uniformly as possible.



The first step is to draw four leveling points at a distance corresponding to the length of the blade used.
This makes it possible to determine the concrete level required under
existing standards.



Once the leveling points are established, it’s time
to use the Magic Screed blade. All you have to
do is level the concrete between the wet pads on both sides
of your central unleveled path.



With the help of no more than one or two rakers who remove or add concrete as needed, all you have to do is screed the prepared section of concrete.
This will take only a few minutes. Repeat the process for each new section.

Precision, light weight, speed…
and reduce labour cost

With the manual vibrating Magic Screed, concrete levelers can cover an area four times larger than with the traditional method – and with less effort!

See the Magic Screed and E-Screed
in action