Features that makes the difference

  • The vibrating blades

    The Magic Screed vibrating n blade does not require any support to float on the concrete surface.

  • Tha anti-vibration support

    The screed features integrated n anti-vibration supports that eliminate handle vibration.

  • The twin handles

    Its two handles provide total leveling n control and accuracy.

  • The weight

    Weighing in at approximately 24 lbs, n the Magic Screed is one of the lightest portable units on the market.

  • The blades

    The unique design of the extruded n Magic Screed blade makes it possible to simultaneously cut and smooth concrete.

See the Magic Screed in action
in this video

Precision, light weight, speed…
and reduce labour cost

With the manual vibrating Magic Screed, concrete levelers can cover an area four times larger than with the traditional method – and with less effort!


In 1984, Mr. Roger Rouillard brought to the market the first hand held vibratory screed that floats on the concrete. An easy to handle tool that makes it possible to level 4 times more concrete than the traditional method with precision and accuracy.

«It was so revolutionary, it had to be called Magic.»